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50th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Special Sessions


There are special sessions in 15 areas.


Algebraic Geometry (03)

Daniel Chan * Amnon Neeman * Rodney Yager

Category Theory (02)

Stephen Lack * Simona Paoli

Combinatorics and Geometry (06)

Catherine Greenhill * Ole Warnaar

Differential Geometry (05)

Finnur Larusson * Michael Murray * Mathai Varghese

Functional Analysis (10)

Ian Doust * Iain Raeburn

Future Impact of Applications on Mathematics (15)

Bob Anderssen * Lyle Noakes

Geometry and Topology (04)

Grant Cairns * Jonathan Hillman

Group Theory (07)

Bob Howlett * Don Taylor

Harmonic Analysis (09)

Alan McIntosh * Chris Meaney

Mathematical Physics (13)

Peter Forrester * Peter Bouwknegt

Number Theory (01)

James Borger * Gerry Myerson

Partial Differential Equations (12)

Daniel Daners * Xuan Duong * Xu-Jia Wang

Probability and Statistics (14)

Peter Hall * Aihua Xia

Representation Theory of Lie Groups (08)

Michael Cowling

Variational Analysis and Optimization (11)

Markus Hegland * Vaithilangam Jeyakumar


There is also one General Session to cover topics not easily accommodated in any of the above.


The B H Neumann Prize is awarded to a research student

who is a member of the Australian Mathematical Society

and who is judged

to have given the best presentation at the meeting.