Examples of Tagged PDF documents built using LaTeX

  • Using Letterhead
    • FAQ for Maths students at Macquarie University: PDF/A-3a (238kb, compressed)
    • How to Study advice, for Maths students at Macquarie University: PDF/A-3a (305 kb, uncompressed)
    • Advertisement for TeX Users Group: PDF/A-3a (59 kb) TUG advert
  • Standard LaTeX document classes
  • KOMA-script document classes
  • AMS document classes

* compression saves about 80-120kb in these file sizes.
Beware: the uncompressed PDFs may not be served (for security reasons?) by some browsers.

Examples of PDF/UA documents built using LaTeX

The following documents conform to both PDF/UA-1 and either PDF/A-2a or PDF/A-3a.

TUG 2019 resources

Follow this link for movies, PDFs and other links relevent to some talks on Accessibility and LaTeX, given at TUG 2019 in Palo Alto, August 2019.

5-year plan proposal

The document linked here outlines a proposal for updating publications in the mathematical sciences to become conformant to the PDF/A and PDF/UA standards. This will require funding and cooperation from both the major academic publishers, as well as smaller publishers such as learned societies and some university publishers.

TUG 2020 resources

Here are links to videos of the 3 talks that I gave at TUG2020 in early August., along with supplementary materials used or referred-to in those talks.

  1. “CMaps, virtual fonts, ActualText for reliable text-extraction and accessibility” (YouTube)
    8t-testfonts, virtualtest-ordinary, virtualtest, slides
  2. “PDF Tagging for accessibility: author considerations” (YouTube)
    Tagging with LaTeX — Part 1: author considerations, Online Advice (fully tagged)
  3. with Thomas Price: “Authoring Accessible documents, including with TikZ diagrams” (YouTube)
    Tikz examples (fully tagged): SWOT diagram, raising/lowering a winch
  4. Lecture slides for all 3 talks.

2020–2021 developments

CRD document development, for NOAA publications.
research/meeting report: 2018 NE Groundfish surveys (fully-tagged PDF/A, PDF/UA)
research/meeting report: 2020 Fall Management Track (fully-tagged PDF/A, PDF/UA)
research/meeting report: 2021 Fall Management Track (fully-tagged PDF/A, PDF/UA)

“Australian Mathematical Society and Statistical Society of Australia: Statement on the Inequitable Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic”, on AustMS website.

TUG 2022

2022 developments

Technical Memorandum, for NOAA publications:
TM 290: 2022 Spring Management Track (fully-tagged PDF/A, PDF/UA)
TM 290: 2022 Spring Management Track (PDF/A, PDF/UA, ARIA-compatible)

TUG 2022 presentation: abstract (click to open panel), video, slides, examples, website link

2023 developments

Technical Memoranda, for NOAA publications:
TM 305: 2022 Fall Management Track (PDF/A, PDF/UA, ARIA-compatible; HTML)
TM 308: 2023 Spring Management Track (PDF/A, PDF/UA, ARIA-compatible; HTML)

TUG 2023 presentation: program (Saturday 11:00am), abstract, video, supplement, website link

Last Updated: Saturday 16 December, 2023