Movies of Talks on Tagged PDF documents built using LaTeX

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This page contains videos of some of the talks and discussions held at TUG2019 (July 2019, Palo Alto USA). they are reproduced with permission of TUG and the corresponding participants.

  • Chris Rowley: Accessibility in the LaTeX kernel—experiments in tagged PDF (~76Mb)
  • Ross Moore: LaTeX 508—creating accessible PDFs (~122Mb)

Use the VLC Player, for MacOS/Windows/Linux. (click image)
LaTeX 508, opening slide

Some more useful links

  • Here is a link to the experimental package tagpdf at CTAN.
  • Here are two versions of the “Night Skies report” featured in Ross' talk: tagged and untagged. The visual view is identical in these. (dated August 2019)
  • Here is the result after some more work, including more specific tagging: compressed and untagged. (added Oct. 2019)
  • Here is the XML of the Night Skies report, as created by ‘Save As XML 1.0’ from Acrobat Pro DC: XML + images.
  • This version contains PDF structure bookmarks, which give a better result when exported to XML or other formats. (added Feb. 2020)
  • Here is a link to the original version of the “Night Skies report”, published by the U.S. National Parks Service.
  • This is a longer `practice' video (.mp4 ~174 Mb), created as a plan B in case the Zoom link to the TUG 2019 meeting would be flaky. It covers similar material, but with different emphases, and shows more aspects of accessibility and validation.
  • This gets the video from Ross' talk at TUG 2018, Rio de Janeiro: on YouTube.