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  • Sorry, this is pretty boring at the moment.

    I am working on other projects and will get around to making this more interesting in due course, RSN.

    RSN = ``real soon now'' ; or
    ``Rather Sooner than Never''
    ``Ross is Slow at New things''

    In the mean time, here are links to some other local web-pages:


    Courses 1999, 1st semester

    Research interests

    Top of the list, at the moment, is ...


    This program, written in Perl, is for translating documents marked-up using LaTeX-like syntax into well-structured HTML pages.
    It works with Unix, Linux, Windows-NT, OS/2 and even DOS.

    Originally devised by Nikos Drakos, this has been extended to become a really useful translation tool, producing very nice images of mathematics (for instance), and capable of handling quite intricate technical documents.
    See the online manual for details.

    The above course descriptions, and the exercise sheets and solutions to which they link, were prepared using this tool.

    Here are some more examples, created locally:


    This is a suite of macros for typesetting mathematical and other technical diagrams, using TeX or LaTeX.

    Written originally by Kristoffer Rose, (of DIKU, Denmark) it has undergone extensive revision and extension over the past couple of years.

    Basically, Kris provides the computing structures while I contribute mathematical ideas; though sometimes it is the other way round.

    Check out the Xy-pic Home Page

    Peruse the Xy-pic User's Guide to see the power and versatility of these macros.

    From the younger continents in the world, it may be easier to visit Kris Rose's home: Xy-pic at BRICS.

    Try here to get the latest version of Xy-pic, version 3.7: local ftp site.

    Alternatively a CTAN site may be more convenient:

    Quantum Groups

    This is a book written by a colleague, Ross Street which I have typeset using LaTeX and LaTeX2HTML. It is full of categorical diagrams, specified using Xy-pic.

    Mathematica Graphics

    Some attractive graphics that I have produced using Mathematica can be found in: Garnet Surfaces. These reconstruct foliation surfaces, i.e. deformed layers of included minerals within rock-samples, in the presence of crystals of garnet.

    Indeed, here is a QuickTime movie of such a reconstructed inclusion surface, viewed from different angles, so apparently rotating: Spiral Movie (354k) .

    Other uses of Mathematica for Geo-physical modelling are described in a Geo-Mathematics paper, to be published in a special volume of Computers & Geosciences, late in 1999.

    Here is a Mathematica Notebook containing frames for a movie of a reconstruction of foliation surfaces forming a ``millipede'' microstructure: Millipede (431k)

    Here are some QuickTime movies of the same thing, sectioned in different ways:

    For viewing QuickTime movies on various platforms, I recommend:

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