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National Symposium in Mathematics

``Adding to Australia''

held at UNSW, 23 February 1996

Contributed Papers

* Adding to Australia

* chair: Ian Sloan

* Noel Barton: Two Percent of the World's Healthy Icebergs

* Max Brennan: How much Mathematics does Australia Need?

* Mathematical Sciences at Work

* chair: Jan Thomas

* Les Balzer: Of Rocket Scientists & Other Financial Animals

* Andrew Currie: Computer Modelling = Graphics + Maths

* Sue Linacre: A Window on Government Performance and a Basis for Decision-Making

* John Holt: How Operations Research makes a Difference

* Mathematical Diversions and Entertainment

* chair: Gus Lehrer

* Ernie Tuck: Mathematics of Honey on Toast

* Alf van der Poorten: 2010 and all that

* Mathematical Sciences Research and its Links

* chair: Cheryl Praeger

* Peter Hall: Mathematics of Food-Wrap & Stealth Aircraft

* John Hopper: Statisticians -- Making a Difference to our Health

* Colin Pask: Making Messages in a Flash

* John Finnigan: Mathematics in Environmental Science

* The Invisible Hand of Mathematics

* chair: Ron Sandland

* Derek Robinson: Universality and Diversity

* Kerry Landman: Mathematics -- the Invisible Achiever

* Sean McElwain: Medicine and Biology -- Infinite Opportunities for Mathematical Modellers

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National Symposium in Mathematics

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