Publications of Ross Street


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Volumes Edited

(with George Janelidze, John MacDonald and Walter Tholen) Proceedings of CT2004 at UBC (Vancouver), Theory and Applications of Categories 15.

(with Aurelio Carboni and George Janelidze) Special Volume celebrating the 70th birthday of Professor Max Kelly, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 175(1-3) (8 November 2002).

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(with Maria Manuel Clementino and Samson Abramsky) Special Issues devoted to CT2007 at Carvoeiro (Algarve, Portugal):

a)    "Topology and Homotopy" Applied Categorical Structures 17(3) (June 2009)

b)   "Semi-abelian Categories" Applied Categorical Structures 17(4) (August 2009)

c)   "Toposes and Functor Categories" Applied Categorical Structures 18(2) (April 2010)

d)   "Enriched and Higher Categories" Applied Categorical Structures 18(3) (June 2010).

(with Martin Hyland, George Janelidze, Michael Johnson, Peter Johnstone, Stephen Lack, Walter Tholen and Richard Wood) Special Issue: Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Gregory Maxwell Kelly  Applied Categorical Structures 19(1) (February 2011).

(with Marino Gran, Maria Manuel Clementino, Manuela Sobral and Walter Tholen) Special Issue celebrating the 60th birthday of George Janelidze: Applied Categorical Structures 22 (2014).

Volume Dedicated

"Categories in Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics", Conference and Workshop in honor of Ross Street's 60th Birthday, Macquarie University 11-16 July 2005 and Australian National University 18-21 July 2005; edited by Alexei Davydov, Michael Batanin, Michael Johnson, Stephen Lack and Amnon Neeman; Contemporary Mathematics 431 (American Math. Society, 2007).

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k. Powerful functors; pdf

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n. Lack's lemma on comma objects.

o. Lecture at ICIAM 2003 (11 July 2003) "Categorical and combinatorial aspects of descent theory", 2003ICIAM.pdf (while this is intended to be self-contained, it is supplementary to [80] above).

p. Monoidal categories for the combinatorics of group representations; pdf

q. Frobenius algebras and monoidal categories, Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Australian Math. Soc. (29 September 2004).

r. Bicategories

s. Group cohomology

t. Talk to Macquarie Philosophy Students' Society

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In celebration of Professor Chong's eightieth birthday, Reflections 24 (2) (May, 1999) 2--3.

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Other widely circulated output

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