Ross Street

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics

Founding Director of the Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT)

Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, Fellow of the Australian Mathematical Society, and life member of the American Mathematical Society


Postal Address: School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Macquarie University, New South Wales 2109,  AUSTRALIA

Telephone: (+61-2-)9850-8921

Email and Office Address (recently changed): Office 503, 12 Wally's Walk (originally building E7A); Profile

Macquarie University is situated in the pleasant northwestern metropolitan area of Sydney.


The Mathematics Department is in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.



Occasional Address at award of Macquarie DSc (honoris causa) 20 Sept 2018

Mathematics Department Colloquium 3 March 2017

CT2013: The annual international conference on Category Theory at Macquarie University 7-13 July 2013

Australian Category Seminar

CoACT, its logo, and an explanation

Chaire de la Vallee Poussin 2011

The Morgan-Phoa Mathematics Workshops: First Nov 2006; Second Nov 2008; Third Jan 2010; Fourth Feb 2013 (Abstracts)

Book Quantum Groups: a path to current algebra published 18 January 2007

Publication list of Ross Street; also here (with links to papers, thanks to Bryce Clarke)

Publication list of Brian Day

Brian John Day 16 Jan 1945 – 16 Jun 2012: tributes, photos

John Myhill Memorial Lecture Series


Research Fellows


Apps designed here

Solar energy services here

StreetFest: A Macquarie University Conference (11-16 July 2005) followed by an Australian National University Workshop (18-21 July 2005)

Michael Batanin's invited lecture at the Jubilee Annual Meeting of the AustMS at Macquarie University

Poster for Macquarie part of StreetFest

Poems (filling a much-needed gap in the English literature); pdf version with toc.

Some categorical homepages

Jobs for mathematicians

Category Theory at The Boeing Company: towards mathematical software and knowledge engineering using colimits

Sammy Eilenberg at Macquarie in 1986; pdf1, pdf2, pdf3

Photo in Oberwolfach (September 1995)

Fields Institute Lecture (Toronto 2002)

Mac Lane Evening CT2009

Sculpture can be mathematical, beautiful and relevant to Macquarie

Raising public awareness of mathematics

Not the letter to Quillen

No longer member of the New York Academy of Sciences nor the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Macquarie University's Arms includes the full lighthouse

Bicycle riding

Australian Plants 

Folk music and the mandolin

A friend from Arnhem Land