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What is LATEX2HTML ?

Ross Moore

Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia

Därmstadt: 15th February



   What is LATEX?

Figure 1: The big black box, which is LATEX.

\input xy1.sty

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   The importance of LATEX markup.

Figure 2: Opening the lid on LATEX.

\input xy2.sty

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   What is LATEX2HTML ?

Figure 3: Extending LATEX to create Web-sites.

\input xy3.sty

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About this document ...

What is LATEX2HTML ?

This document was generated using the LaTeX2HTML translator Version 97.1 delta (June 13th, 1997)

Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.

The command line arguments were:
latex2html -debug L2Htalk.doc.

The translation was initiated by Ross Moore on 6/22/1997

Ross Moore