Study Guide

MATH 233, 1997 -- Mathematics II Advanced


Jeff Hogan  <>, Office: E6A-360
Ross Moore  <>, Office: E7A-419

Lecture Times

Monday 10am in E6A-133, with Jeff Hogan.
Tuesday 2pm till 4pm in E6A-109, with Ross Moore.
(Some of this time will be spent in the computer laboratory, E6A-123.)
Thursday 10am in E6A-109, with Jeff Hogan.

Computer accounts on `titanic', accessible from the machines in E6A-123, have been arranged for all students.


``Classical Mechanics'' by Herbert Goldstein (2nd edition, Addison-Wesley), is a recommended text for Ross Moore's part of the course. It should be available in the bookshop from the 2nd week of semester (perhaps on Friday of the 1st week).

Course Aims and Topics

A major aim of this unit is to acquaint students with some of the high-powered computing software that is now becoming a standard tool for the modern mathematician and engineer.

Specific topics have been chosen which are suitable both theoretical study and for practical programming exercises.

Students are not expected to become masters of the specific programming software which will be used. (This would be a pointless aim, since such software is not static; being subject to continuous updating as improved techniques are developed and machines become more powerful.) Rather the aim is to develop sufficient familiarity to be able to use the computer as a tool to help explore mathematical ideas and solve some specific mathematical problems.

Ross Moore 1999-08-25